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(no subject) [Jan. 31st, 2004|09:13 pm]
The Sue:

TITLE: Sasha It’s a name, it’s not a canon character...not a good sign then.
PERPETRATOR:glamrockstar - and a quick glance at her profile reveals two more probable PP Sue fics.
SUMMARY: “The great grand-daughter of Wendy Darling and her adventures in the Neverland.” I just love the originality shown here.

NAME:Sasha Regen Cohen (Bwah! Sacha Cohen happens to be Ali G’s real name)
SPECIES:Wendy-clone...again, surely there must be another species out there?
HAIR:“golden blond”
EYES:”light brown”
CONNECTIONS TO CANON: Wendy’s great granddaughter. Ends up living in Wendy’s old nursery...again.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Knows lots of stories; can make Peter grow up because he’s her twu luv.

Yet again, and for some inexplicable reason, another of Wendy’s great grandchildren end up back in London and in her old nursery.
Peter has grown older...I guess the author missed the bit about all children growing up, except one. And the entire point of Peter Pan.
Spells fairy as fairie because OMG! It looks so kewl!!!!111!!!!!
THE VERDICT: Dull, dull, dull. It’s Modern Wendy, and Peter loves her more. At least the author had the ability to come up with a different name this time.


Harry Potter cameo! Sort of.Collapse )

Welcome to Neverland, Wendy-cloneCollapse )
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Hook Sue! [Jan. 29th, 2004|11:33 pm]
Because Hook Sues do exist! Yay! Bonus points to author for not having crush on Jeremy Sumpter, probably.

I’ve had to venture into adultfanfiction to find this, so it’s NC-17.You have been warned.

The Sue:

TITLE:Black Heart
SUMMARY: Captain Hook intended to kidnap Wendy, but he instead kidnaps Wendy's beautiful granddaughter, Elanor. Hook finds himself lusting for the sweet Elanor. Will Elanor ever get back home, or will she become enamored with the Pirate everyone loves to hate? Guess which one it is! Go on! Guess!

FULL NAME: Elanor Darling or Hemington, she can’t seem to decide.
SPECIES: Hook Sue!
HAIR: “Rich blue eyes that sparkled with merriment.”
EYES: Black
SPECIAL FEATURES/POSSESSIONS:A locket with a picture of her grandmother Wendy in it...yes, that Wendy, again
CONNECTIONS TO CANON:Another of Wendy’s grandchildren (how many kids did that woman have?) But this one isn’t ending up with Pan.
SPECIAL ABILITIES:To make Captain Hook display bad form, a lot.

NOTES:She’s given Hook the annoying habit of calling the Sue “pet.”
WTF are “wolf men”?
And she makes up the Lost Boys names as she can’t be bothered finding out what they are...this is a public domain book, freely available on-line.
THE VERDICT:Hook Sue! Um...yes, well it makes a change anyway. Actually that’s not entirely true, because she ends up being rescued by Pan and goes to be a Wendy Clone for the Lost Boys, before Hook get her back.


Bad form, swearing and Sue angst! Oh my!Collapse )

It’s twu luv!!!!11!!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 28th, 2004|10:43 pm]
The Sue:

TITLE: Neverland: Never For Always
SUMMARY:"Set after the original 'Peter Pan'. Peter journies back to London in search of Wendy, who has grown up and moved away. Instead he stumble's apon her neice also named Wendy. He listen's to this orphan tell stories to her cousin's, finding comfort."

FULL NAME: Wendy Maive Darling
SPECIES: Wendy-clone
HAIR: “My honey brown hair hung loosely over my shoulders in ringlets and parts of it was pulled back by a matching bow.”
EYES: They’re dark, but she wishes they were blue.
SPECIAL FEATURES/POSSESSIONS: A present from Wendy: “a pink silk night- gown with matching dressing - gown. It had thin straps instead of small puffy short-sleeved ones like my old night- gown, and had a princess cut. It was long and reached just below my ankles.” And a “small silver thimble” from Peter.
CONNECTIONS TO CANON: John’s daughter. Once her brothers, sister and parents die, poor sue has to go live with Aunt Jade in London, and then Aunt Wendy turns up.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Telling stories, well, her cousins seem to like them.

NOTES:One of the Lost Boys is called Pyro. That’s right, Pyro. If that means nothing to you, go to xmensues. I dread to think where this may go, as the story is unfinished.

Who is this Captain Thaddeus Eiye?

If your eyes are still working, there are pictures: http://elkalili.tripod.com/pix/id2.html

THE VERDICT: Mind-numbingly dull, and utterly pointless.


John: the alcoholic, abusive father,(because a Sue needs angst)Collapse )

Peter meets the SueCollapse )

Exactly what has the author got against Hook anyway?Collapse )
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This time, it's Hook's fault. [Jan. 27th, 2004|01:13 pm]
The Sue:

TITLE: Loving To Hate, Hating To Love
PERPETRATOR: Jade Undomiel
SUMMARY:” Peter thought she was a boy, Hook brought Shane up to believe he was a lying scallywag. But they were both wrong about each other. What happens when the daughter of Hook and Peter Pan clash? Who will she betray: Hook, Peter...or herself?”
FULL NAME: Shane Slit-Your-Throat; Shane Renee Hook
SPECIES:Wannabe Pirate/ Wendy Clone
HAIR: she has “a long braid.”
EYES: blue like forget-me-nots, they turn red when she slits someone’s throat...sound familiar?
CONNECTIONS TO CANON:Hook’s incredibly irritating daughter.
SPECIAL ABILITIES:The mermaids will speak to her.

NOTES:The author seems to have missed the part about Hook being an isolated, dark and tragic figure.

Bad spelling ahoy! And a better fighter then Pan too, apparently.Collapse )
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A Very Modern Wendy [Jan. 26th, 2004|10:51 am]
Sporks at the ready!

The Sue:

TITLE: Peter Pan: The Next Generation ...um, well, that inspires confidence, I can tell you.
SUMMARY: “Wendy Darling (not the Wendy we all know and love) is sick of her mother's rants and raves about her and never wants to grow up. When the family moves to London, Wendy meets the boy who's in her stories...”
FULL NAME:Wendy Darling (sounds a little familiar)
SPECIES: Descendant of canon character.
HAIR: ”wavy back length brown hair”
EYES:”brilliantly bright blue eyes” - Oooh! Alliteration! And later ”crystalline blue ones.”
SPECIAL FEATURES: Incredible ability at whine.
CONNECTIONS TO CANON: Is Wendy’s great great granddaughter.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can tell stories as well as the real Wendy Darling.

At the beginning of the third chapter the author admits “the things that Wendy says is kinda referring to me and my relationship with my mom.” Slight understatement, I feel.

"The little yellow taxi sped across the highway." I’m nitpicking, but this sentence really irritated me. There’s nothing wrong with it, except for the fact that we’re talking about Britain at this point. We do not have yellow taxis. They are black, occasionally white or covered in scarily bright advertisements. We do not have highways. We have motorways. Or A-class roads in the more rural areas.


THE BOTTOM LINE: Incredibly dull, the only connection to Peter Pan is her name. It goes on tediously for three chapters with nothing remotely interesting happening and then thankfully stops before the author has a chance to destroy Neverland. And what was the point in making her an American, except for providing another sign of her Sueishness? (I assume the author is American from her spelling.)

Can you feel the angst?Collapse )
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Before Pan there was...Liluye [Jan. 25th, 2004|09:25 pm]
Welcome to a new Sue report. There should be an update only every few days as, fortunately, Sues in this category as still relatively rare.

TITLE: Heart of Neverland
SUMMARY: What if Peter Pan wasn't the original protector of Neverland? What if that former protector is needed again? I smell romance... - and I smell a Sue.
FULL NAME: Liluye - not sure how to pronounce that, but the islanders just call her Lil. Phew! Was worried for a moment.
SPECIES: Protector of Neverland, Peter Pan's predecessor.
HAIR: ...silky taupe hair.
EYES: bright green
MARKINGS: She has pointed elven ears.
CONNECTIONS TO CANON: Tinkerbell is her saviour (bad Tink), and she's got Peter's job.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can do everything Pan can do...but better, of course.

NOTES: Tinkerbell is referred to as a "rouge fairy". Maybe I missed something, but in neither book nor movie did she look particularly red to me.
Feel afraid...the term "Never Kids" is used.
Features girls foolish enough to fall out of their prams.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The writing's not bad, there are a few punctuation errors but it's perfectly readable. However it features a character that is just Peter Pan, but better and a girl. It seems a bit pointless really, and as even the author admits, it's boring.

Peter points out the unfairness of it all...he has a pointCollapse )
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