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[Jan. 28th, 2004|10:43 pm]
The Sue:

TITLE: Neverland: Never For Always
SUMMARY:"Set after the original 'Peter Pan'. Peter journies back to London in search of Wendy, who has grown up and moved away. Instead he stumble's apon her neice also named Wendy. He listen's to this orphan tell stories to her cousin's, finding comfort."

FULL NAME: Wendy Maive Darling
SPECIES: Wendy-clone
HAIR: “My honey brown hair hung loosely over my shoulders in ringlets and parts of it was pulled back by a matching bow.”
EYES: They’re dark, but she wishes they were blue.
SPECIAL FEATURES/POSSESSIONS: A present from Wendy: “a pink silk night- gown with matching dressing - gown. It had thin straps instead of small puffy short-sleeved ones like my old night- gown, and had a princess cut. It was long and reached just below my ankles.” And a “small silver thimble” from Peter.
CONNECTIONS TO CANON: John’s daughter. Once her brothers, sister and parents die, poor sue has to go live with Aunt Jade in London, and then Aunt Wendy turns up.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Telling stories, well, her cousins seem to like them.

NOTES:One of the Lost Boys is called Pyro. That’s right, Pyro. If that means nothing to you, go to xmensues. I dread to think where this may go, as the story is unfinished.

Who is this Captain Thaddeus Eiye?

If your eyes are still working, there are pictures: http://elkalili.tripod.com/pix/id2.html

THE VERDICT: Mind-numbingly dull, and utterly pointless.


”I was always quite amazed at how much my father could drink. Five cans of beer an hour, then around what he called 'happy time' he would whisk down a breezer or two and a glass and a half of champagne or red wine. He was a heavy alcoholic and all my family knew it, but if you ever tried to convince him that this was the cause of all of his health problems, he would attempt to beat into a pulp. He could never get out of his easy chair though to hurt you. My father was never a big man, but was never as small as any of the other men in his family. He never shaved - well once or twice a year when he finally found the head and body coordination to get out of his seat. He couldn't speak clearly as his word's were always slurred together from the drunkenness and he always would just flop where ever he stood or lay. My father was once a handsome man. Dreamy brown eyes, thick brown hair, muscle tone and was tall and proud. But after he started to drink he slumped his shoulders, put on weight, started to loose his hair and his eyes became bloodshot and watery. He also used to have a good cheery personality. Was eager to play with his children, eager to dance with his wife, even eager to go to work, but alcohol got the better of him. He used to have humor in his tone of voice and laughter in his smile and eyes. He then became bland and never laughed. Jonathan Darling, the man I knew as my father disappeared - after my mother died.”

"My name is Wendy, Wendy Darling," the look on Peter's face when I said my name was Wendy Darling cannot be explained. It seemed as if he had found something that he had been searching for, something he had been searching for, for a very long time. I looked at him with bewilderment as his eyes lit up and his stance soften, "Are you okay?" What a positively stupid question to ask, I thought to myself after. Then his look change as if to say 'It cannot be true', he shock his head and looked at me then said:

"You can't be Wendy Darling, it is impossible. You are nothing like her - he eyes are blue and hair is different," he looked me over to see if there was anything else wrong with my appearance. I felt quite insulted and glared at the Peter.

"I am indeed Wendy Darling and if you would like me to prove it," I said turning my back to him. I walked over to my chest of drawers and opened one of the smaller top drawers. This drawer held an assortment of things - mainly valuable to me in some odd way. I found what I was looking for and carefully eased it out of the drawer not wanting to rip it. It was an old piece of paper with stains and was turning brown. Parts of the edges were frayed but the writing was still clear. I turned back around after closing the drawer and look at him waiting impatiently. I read aloud, "Born June 28th, to proud parent's Katherine and Jonathan Darling is the baby girl Wendy Maive Darling. See its all there in black and white I am Wendy Darling," I thrusted the piece of paper in front of his nose. Peter sighed.

"Not the Wendy Darling I know," I could see his eyes glaze over, and small pools of water formed in the lower eye lid. He hung his head so I could no see the tears rolling down his face. A sudden pang of guilt rose in my heart as I her him stifle his sniffs. I threw the piece of paper onto my bed and brought my arms up to my chest, fiddling with the thimble in my fingers. I took a step forward and he took a step back,

"Don't cry boy, don't cry Peter. I am sorry; I didn't want to hurt you feelings. Please, please stop crying," there was a sense of urgency in my voice and I could feel my eyes starting to sting with tears - when I saw other people cry I felt like crying too, like I was sharing their pain. I plunked onto my bed and turned around crying into my pillow - what was I so worked up over? Peter must have noticed that I too was now crying and stopped because all I could here was my own pathetic sobs. He walked over to where I lay in a heap on the bed and softly poked my shoulder with is index finger. He kept poking me until I looked up from my pillow and acknowledged him. He had a caring smile spread across his face. He sat down at the edge of the bed and I sat up so our eye's met. I returned his smile and he broke out into laughter, I soon joined him.

"What were you crying about silly other Wendy lady?" Peter said stopping his warm laughter, I stopped to the looked at him and my face went pink slightly and I looked down and played with the thimble in my fingers again.

"I was sad that you were crying Peter boy. I thought that I was the one that made you cry because I was being rude and obnoxious to you about being Wendy Darling, it made my insides chill and my eyes sting with tears," I looked back up at him, he really didn't seem to care anymore then I remembered something - something in one of Aunt Wendy's story books. "Wait, your Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up?" I said thinking out aloud he looked at me and chuckled.

"Uh, yes I am I said that my name was Peter Pan ear-" I put my hand up to silence him. The thought over again what he had said about me not being Wendy Darling - then it hit me, Wendy Darling was my aunt and this was Peter Pan, the boy who took her away to Neverland. I look up at him with the word 'excitement' practically written over my face. Peter gave me a queer look and tilted his head to the side.

"Wendy Darling, you're talking about Wendy Moira Angela Darling," I said jumping off my bed and stood in front of Peter looking down on him, he slowly nodded his head still looking at me strangely, "Do you know who she is? She is my Aunt!" I exclaimed then listened for any stirring from the room next door - none came. Peter looked at me and stood up with shock in his features.

"Il est beau," I turned to find him giving me a quizzical look whilst scratching his head in thought. "It means 'it is beautiful' in French. I never really fancied French, but on one of the trips Aunt Wendy made to London, she taught me a little. Just simple phrases that I might find useful one day," I said smiling at him then turning back to look at Neverland. Peter muttered 'Oh.' under his breath then turned back to look down on his home. "Peter," I said not turning around, "whose ship is that?" I said pointing down to the pirate ship that was moored further around the island, away from the sea port. I put his hand on my arm lowering it then said in a lowered and mysterious voice:

"That is the cursed ship of Captain Thaddeus Eiye," a shiver of excitement went down my spine. He then pointed over to the sea port and said, "That is the pirate sea port. Many old scallywags live there, some that don't sail, some that are just waiting for someone to take them out of there. There aren't many ship often docked there - one or two mainly - but you can get anything you need at that village - all you have to do is act like a pirate! Which may I add is quite easy to do. Yep, many ships come in and out of that port, but old Thaddeus Eiye has never left Neverland," said Peter stretching his arms up.

"So how long has he been in Neverland then?" I asked looking at Peter.

"Well, some say that he has been here since the beginning, but they are just old pirate tales. He lived in the pirate village for a long time before he became captain of that crew. But when Hook was killed," Peter sniggered, "He immediately took over Hook's old ship. Fixing it up to his standard's, re-naming it, getting aboard some new crew members and such, he became a man rising to power, and it was only a matter of time before he became my enemy," said Peter cheerfully. I smiled; it was indeed wonderful to know that the man who had haunted my stories for so long was indeed real.


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[User Picture]From: peterpansues
2004-01-29 11:05 pm (UTC)


Yes! That's the type of Sue I want! But no, every Sue author has a crush on Jeremy Sumpter...am going hunting for a Hook Sue...there must be one...somewhere.
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-02-08 10:10 am (UTC)

oh my God...

oh my God, what the hell is with this story? Just by reading a sample makes me know it's horrible. And I play the part of John in Peter Pan at my school...oh my God...whyyyy????
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