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Hook Sue! [Jan. 29th, 2004|11:33 pm]
Because Hook Sues do exist! Yay! Bonus points to author for not having crush on Jeremy Sumpter, probably.

I’ve had to venture into adultfanfiction to find this, so it’s NC-17.You have been warned.

The Sue:

TITLE:Black Heart
SUMMARY: Captain Hook intended to kidnap Wendy, but he instead kidnaps Wendy's beautiful granddaughter, Elanor. Hook finds himself lusting for the sweet Elanor. Will Elanor ever get back home, or will she become enamored with the Pirate everyone loves to hate? Guess which one it is! Go on! Guess!

FULL NAME: Elanor Darling or Hemington, she can’t seem to decide.
SPECIES: Hook Sue!
HAIR: “Rich blue eyes that sparkled with merriment.”
EYES: Black
SPECIAL FEATURES/POSSESSIONS:A locket with a picture of her grandmother Wendy in it...yes, that Wendy, again
CONNECTIONS TO CANON:Another of Wendy’s grandchildren (how many kids did that woman have?) But this one isn’t ending up with Pan.
SPECIAL ABILITIES:To make Captain Hook display bad form, a lot.

NOTES:She’s given Hook the annoying habit of calling the Sue “pet.”
WTF are “wolf men”?
And she makes up the Lost Boys names as she can’t be bothered finding out what they are...this is a public domain book, freely available on-line.
THE VERDICT:Hook Sue! Um...yes, well it makes a change anyway. Actually that’s not entirely true, because she ends up being rescued by Pan and goes to be a Wendy Clone for the Lost Boys, before Hook get her back.


Hook winced slightly as his eyes were met by the stream of light coming from the window. He looked down at Elanor whose face was turned away from him. She was asleep kneeling next to the bed with her head laid near his hand. Hook closed his eyes as he recalled what happened. He gritted his teeth as he remembered the shock he had felt when that wolf man had slashed at his arm. How did that fight start again?

Ah, yes...that drunk bastard had said he had wanted Elanor. Why the hell did he care? Why did he become so consumed with rage that he couldn't think straight. How could he allow himself to act so weak and to be bested by a bastard dog breed? Hook laid there while his angry began to grow more and more.

Ever since Elanor had entered his life he began to act weak. He didn't take her yet...and why not? She was just a weak girl who he could easily overwhelm with his strength. His feelings that he had started to develp toward her was the reason he was lying injured on his bed. She was the reason he was almost killed and humiliated. She was causing him to act weak and he would not accept it anymore. Captain Hook would never become vulnerable because of the fairer sex.

Angrily he shot out of his sleeping position, but he automatically felt a sharp pang in his arm. He left out a loud groan, but he remained sitting up in bed. Elanor eyes snapped open at the sound and she gaped at the Captain in surprise. She sat on the bed and began to bombard him with questions, "Are you all right? Are you hungry? Do you want me to get Smee?" Hook didn't answer any of her questions.

Elanor looked at him with confusion, but decided maybe he was too tired to be harassed by her so soon. Without saying anything she left the room. When she returned Hook was still in the same sitting position he was in before. Elanor approached him hesistantly with some food on a tray. She gently pushed the sheet away from his legs and placed the tray on his lap. "Captain, you should eat something...you need to gain your strength back and--"

Elanor didn't get to finish her sentence because the captain had thrown the tray against the wall. "You stupid bitch, what makes you think I want your help? Get out you little whore, before I beat you!"

Elanor's eyes were filled with shock and sadness at the harshness of his words. "But, captain why---" Without getting out of bed, Hook grabbed Elanor by her shirt and pulled her face to his own, "Are you so daft that you can't understand what I am saying? Leave now, you are trying my patience!" He threw he roughly onto the wooden floor and she landed hard upon the ground.

Elanor looked up at the captain who finally made eye contact with her. She stood up and Hook could see the exhaustion written on her face. He could see all the hurt he had caused her. All her worry, anger and sadness seeped into her voice as she yelled at him. "Do you know that I haven't slept because of your ungrateful hide? Can you imagine that I cried thinking that you were going to die?" Elanor's cheeks were wet with her tears, but she kept shouting, "I haven't slept of eaten anything because of you! I worried myself sick and what do I get for caring about you? First you insult me and then you mistreat me!" A broken sob escaped her throat and her voice cracked as she screamed, "I hate you! I wish you had died that night! At least I could have found a way home without you in my way!"

Elanor ran out onto the deck. The cool night air wrapped around her and Elanor went to the northern part of the ship to be alone. She sat on a wooden crate and cried onto the railing. Her soft sobs penetrated the silence around her.

"I missed you while I was there…I dreamed about you."

Hook stilled his movements and looked at her. He saw the sincerity in her eyes and his anger seemed to vanish from his heart. Looking down at her eyes that were filled with tears Hook felt guilty. He gently drew away his fingers from her and she arched once last time when his thumb rubbed against her clit.

He continued to look down at her so Elanor spoke again. "I was mad because of the way you treated me. I hated you and I wanted to get away. While I was there I did have fun, but you were always there in my mind…in my heart. I wanted to come back to you, but I didn't know how to find you again or where to go." Elanor began to sob against Hook's chest, but she continued confessing her inner thoughts, "Then I was scared to come back because I thought that you wouldn't let me come back to you…or I thought you would hate me. Please don't hate me. "

Hook let her cry for a minute before pulling her head back down on the pillow. He searched her eyes and asked the question that was gnawing at his heart for a long time. "Why do you let me touch you?"

Elanor looked away and said softly, "I don't know why…"

Hook cupped her face and stared deeply into her eyes. "You may not know, but your eyes say something else to me."

Elanor asked hesitantly, "What do they say?" Her heart pounded frantically inside her body as she waited for his answer.

Hook lowered his head as he said, "Your eyes tell me that you love me."


[User Picture]From: sailormac
2004-01-29 11:19 pm (UTC)
Okay, I know time doesn't age people in Never-Never Land, but there is something just WRONG about the idea of Hook getting together with Wendy's *granddaughter.* That would make the time frame some 40, 50 years after she went to Never-Never Land? YIKES, what an age difference! O_O
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[User Picture]From: livilla
2004-01-30 06:06 am (UTC)

Abandon hope all ye who enter indeed.


Not Hook. Please, no. *chants to self* It's not real, it's not real.

Can someone please explain to them that Hook doesn't care if he hurts someone. In fact, he'd prefer it if he did.

Make. The. Pain. Stop. And leave poor Hook alone. He's already lost a hand, don't make him lose anything else (like characterisation).
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[User Picture]From: neurophobic
2004-02-01 03:09 pm (UTC)

Re: Abandon hope all ye who enter indeed.

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[User Picture]From: livilla
2004-02-02 05:38 am (UTC)

Re: Abandon hope all ye who enter indeed.

*sniffle* Someone has to stop them!
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: livilla
2004-02-02 05:39 am (UTC)


*snigger* That scene is kind of wrong. But oh so funny. :D
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From: acutes
2004-09-05 08:48 pm (UTC)
I have that movie.
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-02-08 10:05 am (UTC)


dude, what the frig?! What the hell is up with that story? All it does is just scar you for life!! *vomits*
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[User Picture]From: iman00b
2007-01-31 10:44 am (UTC)
HAIR: “Rich blue eyes that sparkled with merriment.”
EYES: Black



She's got very talkative eyes. Special power?
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