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Before Pan there was...Liluye - Peter Pan Sue of the Day [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Before Pan there was...Liluye [Jan. 25th, 2004|09:25 pm]
Welcome to a new Sue report. There should be an update only every few days as, fortunately, Sues in this category as still relatively rare.

TITLE: Heart of Neverland
SUMMARY: What if Peter Pan wasn't the original protector of Neverland? What if that former protector is needed again? I smell romance... - and I smell a Sue.
FULL NAME: Liluye - not sure how to pronounce that, but the islanders just call her Lil. Phew! Was worried for a moment.
SPECIES: Protector of Neverland, Peter Pan's predecessor.
HAIR: ...silky taupe hair.
EYES: bright green
MARKINGS: She has pointed elven ears.
CONNECTIONS TO CANON: Tinkerbell is her saviour (bad Tink), and she's got Peter's job.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Can do everything Pan can do...but better, of course.

NOTES: Tinkerbell is referred to as a "rouge fairy". Maybe I missed something, but in neither book nor movie did she look particularly red to me.
Feel afraid...the term "Never Kids" is used.
Features girls foolish enough to fall out of their prams.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The writing's not bad, there are a few punctuation errors but it's perfectly readable. However it features a character that is just Peter Pan, but better and a girl. It seems a bit pointless really, and as even the author admits, it's boring.

So Tanya told him the whole story. Every detail. Back to the times when Liluye was the protector of the island, and up to urgency and reason to get her back. It had taken a good part of the night explaining the situation and keeping Peter from interrupting with a fit of heroics. Now, all the pixies could do was wait. Wait for Peter to agree that this Liluye girl was the only way the island would be saved.

Peter made a dark silhouette in front of the rising sun above Neverland. Arms crossed stubbornly across his chest and face set into a grimace, his whole image dared anyone to bother him. ‘This is so stupid,’ he thought to himself. ‘I’m Peter Pan, I protect Neverland! Not some…girl!’ These thoughts ran through the boys mind several times. Along with how it was so stupid that it was because of that girl that he was protector in the first place. She even gave him his name, and Tinkerbell was HER fairy! That part really steamed the young man. Tinkerbell was HIS fairy, not some girl’s. But, why would Tanya lie to him about something like that? She wouldn’t. Tanya never lied, especially in situations like these. That didn’t mean Peter liked it though. By the time his thinking ran out, the sun was glowing dimly through the clouded skies. Looking up above him, Peter sighed. He might not have liked the idea of a girl being about to do something he couldn’t, but if it meant fixing Neverland…he guessed it wasn’t THAT bad.

“Peter.” a small voice sounded from behind him. He knew instantly it was Tanya and just gave a grumble in response. He could almost feel the fairy smiling behind him.

“Peter, I know this is all difficult for you, as it is for all of us. You have to understand you…”

“I understand Tanya.” Peter interrupted gruffly. “Its not fair. None of it is. What’s happening to Neverland, and me being reduced to letting some girl do my job.” the slapped his hand on his chest with the last line. The pixie just shook her head.

“It was her job once too Peter.” she commented softly and floated up beside him placing a tiny hand on his shoulder. “Let her do this. After all boy, it is because of her that you’re here in the first place.”

[User Picture]From: mmepompadour
2004-01-25 10:13 pm (UTC)
And who is Tanya? Looks to me like she's a Faery Sue.
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[User Picture]From: peterpansues
2004-01-25 10:25 pm (UTC)
Tanya does indeed appear to be a bonus fairy!sue, and a "brilliant shade of violet."
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